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There are two different ways to see. Of course, we see with our natural eyes. But a much more important way to see is with our spiritual eyes. Faith is not a walk in the park but a walk in the dark. In other words, faith comes most alive when we can’t see with our natural eye what’s next, but can trust Holy Spirit with the next step. So what if the best way to see into what’s unseen is by closing our eyes? While it doesn’t make any sense, it makes total sense. Seeing in the spirit takes practice, takes getting to know Jesus as friend, but most importantly takes a faith inspired by Mr. Faith Himself. Paul went blind for 3 days after his encounter with Jesus, so that the eyes of his heart (or faith) could be turned on. It was the same man that also said we are to walk by faith and not by sight. The Apostle Paul knew this truth so well. This episode will open your eyes by simply learning to close them, and as a result strengthen your faith. Let’s learn to see in this season like we were always supposed too. Follow @shawngabie @supernaturalleadershippodcast on Instagram for more.